Through Process is a podcast about how we become designers. Your co-hosts are Joshua Namdev Hardisty and Mitch Goldstein.

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Episode 28: On Context

Posted on 5 January 2016
Mitch and Josuha look at the year ahead by talking about how design education and design practice live in different contexts, and how each should be approached differently. We also discuss the role of time in the design process, and how the painter Gerhard Richter approaches his work. (Permalink)

Episode 27: Back To School (with Jarrett Fuller)

Posted on 10 December 2015
Mitch and Josuha welcome back Jarrett Fuller to the podcast to talk about his decision to leave a job at Facebook and attend graduate school at Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. We talk about what went into choosing MICA, what the program is like, the difference between a BFA and an MFA, and how it feels to be a teacher instead of a student. (Permalink)

Episode 26: Anti-Anti-Intellectualism (with Ian Lynam)

Posted on 30 August 2015
Mitch and Josuha chat with Ian Lynam about his hybrid practice of teaching, writing, and designing. After considering the anti-intellectual trend that seems to be growing in graphic design culture, they discuss what needs to change in design criticism, education, and practice. They also discuss process-oriented teaching pedagogy, and Ian asks everyone to reveal their design heroes. (Permalink)

Episode 25: Go Be Brave (with Lucinda Hitchcock & John Caserta)

Posted on 13 June 2015
Mitch travels to Providence, Rhode Island and visits his alma matter: the Graphic Design department at the Rhode Island School of Design. There he speaks with longtime faculty member Lucinda Hitchcock and department head John Caserta about the radical changes the BFA program has gone through over the past couple of years. They talk about inquiry-based and on-demand learning, flexible outcomes, and transparency and knowledge sharing among faculty and students. (Permalink)

Episode 24: Form & Inquiry (with Martin Venezky)

Posted on 21 May 2015
In a special episode of Through Process, Mitch and returning guest Nancy Bernardo are joined by designer and educator Martin Venezky. We recorded this conversation with a live studio audience of RIT Graphic Design students. We spoke with Martin about his studio practice, teaching form, using photography, attending Cranbrook, and his influences. (Permalink)

Episode 23: Too Small To Fail, Part 2 (with Dan Ibarra)

Posted on 17 May 2015
In the second of a two-part conversation, Joshua and Mitch continue their talk with Dan Ibarra about Schoolhaus, which is a new model of non-traditional design education that Dan co-founded in Minneapolis. (Permalink)

Episode 22: Too Small To Fail, Part 1 (with Dan Ibarra)

Posted on 16 May 2015
In the first of a two-part conversation, Joshua and Mitch talk with Dan Ibarra from Aesthetic Apparatus about Schoolhaus, which is a new model of non-traditional design education that Dan co-founded in Minneapolis. (Permalink)

Episode 21: Aboutness (with Elliott Earls)

Posted on 4 March 2015
Mitch is joined by returning guest Nancy Bernardo to talk with designer and educator Elliott Earls. Elliott is the head of the 2D MFA program at the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan. In addition to an examination of why the Cranbrook experience is unique among graduate programs, we talk about critique methods, graduate versus undergraduate education, the problem with computers, and why making good work is so damn hard. (Permalink)

Episode 20: Contextual Frameworks of Practice, or Is it Just Bullshit? (with Nancy Bernardo)

Posted on 11 February 2015
Mitch and Joshua are joined by designer and educator Nancy Bernardo for a talk about bullshit. We discuss the value (or not) of bullshit, post-facto rationalization, and consider what would happen if designers were not allowed to bullshit about their work. (Permalink)

Episode 19: It's OK To Like Things (with Chappell Ellison)

Posted on 11 January 2015
Mitch and Joshua welcome back design critic Chappell Ellison for a talk about feedback, groupthink, and why designers need to learn to accept criticism. We also have a group therapy session about the pitfalls of Twitter, social media, and opinions. (Permalink)

Episode 18: Get The F**k Out of Nebraska (with Aaron Draplin)

Posted on 21 December 2014
Designer-speaker-entrepreneur Aaron Draplin joins Mitch and Joshua for a talk about authenticity, his influences, and motivating students (and yourself). (Permalink)

Episode 17: Feedback Loops

Posted on 7 December 2014
After Mitch and Joshua explain just who the hell Joshua is, they take questions from you: the loyal Through Process listener! They have a wide-ranging discussion covering how to evaluate your own portfolio, making a living versus building a body of work, whether you need grad school to teach, the importance of a methodology, how to avoid a a cult of personality as a teacher, and, surprisingly, legibility (in the 90s sense). (Permalink)

Episode 16: We Are All Digital Humanists (with Jessica Barness & Amy Papaelias)

Posted on 16 November 2014
What are the digital humanities? Mitch and Namdev are joined by designers and educators Amy Papaelais and Jessica Barness to try and answer that question. Amy and Jessica are co-editing a special issue of the academic journal Visible Language, that is dedicated to exploring the emerging field of digital humanities. We also discuss critical making, research, peer review, and how it all might fit together in academia and practice. (Permalink)

Episode 15: A Critique of Critique

Posted on 6 October 2014
Mitch and Namdev revisit an early topic — critiques. What are they good for? What are they bad at? And what exactly are you supposed to do in class if you get rid of them? They also dig into new approaches they’re taking in the class room with assignments that help students to teach themselves and open-ended creative initiatives. (Permalink)

Episode 14: Don’t Go to Architecture School to Design a 7-Eleven (with Michael Rock)

Posted on 22 August 2014
Mitch and Namdev are joined by designer, author and educator Michael Rock. They discuss design as metaphor, being present in your work, writing as form, why you are your most important audience, and what students should be taught in design school. Michael also gives Mitch and Namdev an on-air design assignment to help explain graphic design. (Permalink)

Episode 13: Mondays Are Awesome

Posted on 18 August 2014
What makes a great design student great? Mitch and Namdev discuss some real ways students should approach school, and why being engaged and excited matters. We talk about time and space management, the benefit of having human relationships, and why your history classes are more important than you think. (Permalink)

Episode 12: There Are No Easy Answers (with Erin Hauber)

Posted on 15 July 2014
Mitch and Namdev welcome designer and educator Erin Hauber to talk about the differences between graduate schools, and the value of an MFA degree. We also discuss adjunct faculty, changing up your design game, why Namdev has not gone to grad school, and why we should not try to teach every student everything. (Permalink)

Episode 11: Holy Shit Moments

Posted on 11 July 2014
Mitch and Namdev revisit the first episode of Through Process and discuss their past semester of teaching. Topics include what worked and what did not, upcoming changes, the value (or not) of group critique, and ways to make the design school experience more useful to students. (Permalink)

Episode 10: Stop Sucking So Hard (with Chappell Ellison)

Posted on 7 July 2014
Should every designer pay attention to design criticism? Mitch and Namdev are joined by design writer, critic and educator Chappell Ellison to continue the discussion about design criticism and its place in design. We talk about the Design Observer redesign and backlash, haters, criticism in design school, and the Buzzfeedification of design. (Permalink)

Episode 9: Minimalist LEGO Characters From Game Of Thrones (with Jarrett Fuller)

Posted on 16 June 2014
Design criticism — what is it, where is it, and why does everyone want it so bad? Inspired by his essay “What Do We Want From Design Criticism?”, Mitch and Namdev welcome Jarrett Fuller to the show to discuss the supposed dearth of critical writing about graphic design from every angle. We have a lengthy talk complete with unhinged speculation, full-circle conclusions, and an irresponsible call for everyone to write and publish about their work, filter-failure be damned. (Permalink)

Episode 8: Let's Get Caddywhompus (with Silas Munro & Jason Alejandro)

Posted on 2 June 2014
Should you get an MFA? And if so, what kind of school should you go to? Mitch speaks with Silas Munro, faculty chair of the Vermont College of Fine Arts' low-residency MFA program in Graphic Design, and Jason Alejandro, who is currently enrolled in the program. Together they discuss pros and cons of full-residency vs. low-residency schools, the nature of graduate education, and what you can gain from attending a graduate program. (Permalink)

Episode 7: Engaged and Curious (with Nancy Skolos & Thomas Wedell)

Posted on 27 May 2014
Mitch has a conversation with designers, authors, and educators Nancy Skolos and Thomas Wedell, who have taught design at Rhode Island School of Design for more than 20 years. In addition to discussing how their teaching and practice inform each other, we talk about magic, the problem with silos, and attempt to define what graphic design is (if it is anything at all.) (Permalink)

Episode 6: Own It

Posted on 5 April 2014
Why are students — who’ve often never had a client — so down on them? Is it something we’re accidentally teaching them? Mitch and Namdev discuss the differences between school and professional life (the good and bad), ways to make parts of academia more like client work without making worthless projects, and whether students should graduate straight into freelance instead of looking for a job. (Permalink)

Episode 5: So Good, You Can't Use It (with Benjamin Shaykin)

Posted on 22 March 2014
Namdev and Mitch are joined by designer and educator Benjamin Shaykin from Providence, RI. Together they discuss what the goals of teaching are, the difference between prompts and assignments, cults of personality, and whether you should ban DIN in the classroom. (Permalink)

Episode 4: A Plan to Have a Plan, Part 2

Posted on 11 February 2014
In the second of a two-part episode, Mitch and Namdev continue their in-depth conversation about the design process, this time examining two of Mitch's projects. First, a poster design for a lecture by British graphic designer Craig Ward, and a series of compositions for collateral he created for the Illumination Engineering Society of San Francisco. (Permalink)

Episode 3: A Plan to Have a Plan, Part 1

Posted on 10 February 2014
In the first of a two-part episode, Mitch and Namdev delve into process with capital P; not process as a generalization, but the specific Processes for making real projects. Namdev talks through two projects: “Past Objects” is a book he designed in 2010, and “R.U.R” is a poster he made last year after completely rewriting both his ideation methods and how he works with clients. The end result is a wide-ranging conversation about how something gets designed. (Permalink)

Episode 2: A Fuzzy Ball of Curiosity

Posted on 4 February 2014
What is critical practice? Mitch enlightens Namdev with a workable definition, and gets questioned about his process and how graduate school has affected his work and design philosophy. Namdev accidentally disses Tomato, and then drags Mitch into the art versus design debate (though it's not as bad as it sounds). Tertiary topics include meaningless business cards, architecture school, and why graphic design is fantastic. (Permalink)

Episode 1: Somebody Talk About Something That’s Awesome

Posted on 22 January 2014
Graphic designers learn their craft through group critiques. Or do they? In this first episode of Through Process, design educators Mitch Goldstein and Namdev Hardisty discuss the crit and why Namdev finally killed them after 5 years of teaching and what he’s replacing them with. Mitch talks about design school as a place of discovery and why he likes how Elliott Earls runs critiques. We also find out why Namdev got rid of deadlines — turns out you can blame Armin Hofmann. (Permalink)